11/07/17; HCA Public Meeting Review

This is a review of Hana Community Association’s Public Meeting that was held on 11/07/17. 
Mahalo to Councilman Bob Carroll for co-sponsoring, and the Hana Community Association for coordinating.

1. Maui State Department of Transportation engineer provided an update on continued for Hana Highway. Any questions or requests for detailed agendas can be forwarded to Robin Shishido, Maui District Engineer at 808-873-3538 or 650 Palapala Dr. Kahului, HI 96732

2. Attached find a schedule of East Maui projects approaching provided by the County of Maui Department of Public Works Engineering division. 

3. Napua Hueu, committee chair for the Hana Highway Regulation (HHR) presented history of the issues that highlighted the need for a focused initiative. Hana Community Association has adopted and incorporated the HHR program as a component of their 2017-2018 objectives with goals that include providing place-specific educational awareness, establishing a commercial operator registry and collaborating with the MPD on a community patrol program.

More information at HanaHighwayRegulation.com or by emailing admin@hanahighwayregulation.com 

4. Announcement and invitation: Hana Community Association HHR administrator to present the “Road to Hana Code of Conduct” at Maui Visitor Bureau’s approaching VISITOR INDUSTRY SAFETY SEMINARS on 11/29/17 from 8am-12pm at the Grand Wailea Resort and on 12/06/17 from 8am-12pm at the Sheraton Maui Resort. Open to hospitality staff i.e. bellman, valet, concierge, front desk activities desks, activity companies, activity agencies, tour companies etc. 

Visit https://southmauisafetyseminar.eventbrite.com or https://westmauisafetyseminar.eventbrite.com   
More information, Janet Kuwahara of the Maui Visitors Bureau at 808-244-3530 or janet@mauivb.com 

5. Hana Community Association is an annual sponsor of the Hana Christmas Program held at Hana School each December. HCA assembles 500 gift bags and donation items requested are (Brown Paper Bags, Oranges, Apples, Nuts, Candy Canes and Chocolate). Any individuals or companies that would like to assist through donation of goodie bag items, please inquire the remaining list of items needed by contacting board member Kamalu Carroll at 808-264-0139 or by email at carrollmk@hotmail.com 

6. Hana’s Community Emergency Plan Supplies are low; if you have any unused, extra or bulk items that would be of value in times of emergency need please email Dawn Lono at dawn.lono@mauicounty.us to contribute or coordinate donations. 

7. The Neighborhood Crime Watch program has been recently implemented in new neighborhoods within Hana, should you want more information on the process please call board member Kamalu Carroll at 808-264-0139 or email her at carrollmk@hotmail.com 

8. Invitation to connect with the Hana Community Association directly at HanaCommunityAssociation.com For anyone with interest of joining Hana Community Association’s general membership, please find a form submission on the website. You may alternatively request membership by sending the following five points of information by letter to Po Box 202 Hana, HI 96713    1.  Name, 2. Address, 3. Phone Number, 4. Email Address, 5. Special Notes

Public Meeting: 11/07/17 Helene Hall, Hana at 5:00pm


Maui State Department of Transportation Engineer to provide an update on continued work on
Hana Highway.
Hana Highway regulation-Community information and questions on the Hana Highway Regulation
that has been adopted into the HCA.
Christmas Donation- HCA will be going over items needed.
Community Emergency Plan-emergency supplies are at an all time low.
Neighborhood crime watch-sign ups and information.
Memberships and getting involved with your community through the HCA.

General Membership

For anyone with interest of joining our general membership, please send an email or letter with the following information to info@hanacommunityassociation.com
Po Box 202 Hana, HI 96713

1. Name, 2. Address, 3. Phone Number, 4. Email Address, 5. Special Notes

Road to Hana Code of Conduct

The Hana Highway Regulation committee published draft 1 of the Road to Hana Code of Conduct. A consensus of resident perspective with regard to enhancing the safety and efficiency of traveling the Hana Highway. Find the most up to date draft at HanaHighwayRegulation.com

Hana Highway Regulation initiative

The Hana Community Association board votes all in favor to adopt the Hana Highway Regulation as an initiative and publishes The Road to Hana Code of Conduct as first objective. The Hana Highway Regulation initiate aims to enhance resident quality of life and safety of visitors.

Visit HanaHighwayRegulation.com for more information.

Current; Board Members

Shane Sinenci
Resident of Hana. It is a great honor for me to serve on the Hana Community Association Board. 

Shyanne Lecker-Agnew
Resident of Hana. Growing up in this beautiful town, I felt the need to give back to my community by joining the Hana Community Association. I feel blessed to be able to serve on the board and help make a positive difference for our community.

Napua Hueu
Resident of Keanae. I am passionate in my intention to protect the East Maui watershed and excited to join the Hana Community Association to implement solutions in regard to many of the evolving challenges we face as rural communities.

Kapena Kalama
Resident of Honokalani. I am honored to serve as a member of the Hana Community Association board. Currently, I am a resident of Honokalani.

Kamalu Carroll 
Resident of Hana. I am honored to participate in the effort of community unity and organization.

Ipo Mailou
Resident of Hana. I am happy to serve on the board of Hana Community Association. 

Becky Lind
Resident of Kipahulu. I am pleased to assist where I may be of help to the community of Hana by serving on the board of the Hana Community Association. 

Bylaws; Membership

MEMBERSHIP: Any individual who is an adult residing in the Hana District of East Maui, Hawaii, and their families willing to subscribe to the charitable and educational purposes of the Association is eligible for membership.

Bylaws; Purpose

CORPORATE PURPOSE: (1) To develop a unified community spirit among the people residing in the district of Hana; to study the needs of these communities; to support and promote such projects as will further their interests. (2) To conduct and make available community centers for the use and benefit of the residents of the community. (3) To develop and foster a better understanding and to promote good fellowship among the members, their families and residents of the community. (4) To encourage, promote and conduct recreational, educational, health, safety, leisure-time and service programs. (5) This corporation shall be non-partisan and non-sectarian and no part of the corporate earnings or income shall inure to the benefit of any individual.